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How We Work

Palco knowledge based company was established in 2010 with the aim of creating, empowering and effectively managing the air supply chain with a focus on quality, creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Formation, presence and effective management of the strategic chain based on the domestic and international needs of the aviation and automotive industry.

Providing consulting and design services, technical engineering, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, trade and investment in the aerospace and automotive industries

We use experienced and skilled professionals in various departments and management of the company

Maintenance and Test of EnginesRepairing Turbine Engines

Palco Co. to answer intense need of industries to support services in areas of maintenance and test of engines has put the following services in its agenda

About Palco

manufacturing and adjusting turbine

Submitting specialized consultation in area of troubleshooting and gorges of repairments and tests

Palco company